Our Mission

& Vision

Our mission is to build empowered
individuals with foundational principles
to sustain family ties that leave a lasting
impact for generations to come.

The founder, Melody Hulett, served as the
Warden of a correctional facility for many years. She witnessed first-hand the struggles that families faced as weekly women were released to her facility in hopes that they would be rehabilitated through the programs provided. During her years of service, she could not help but think of the possibility in a different
outcome for these individuals had appropriate resources been made available to them prior to incarceration. In 2015, Pure Haven Family Resource Center was established, making this possibility an opportunity. Instead of being reactive this organization has chosen to be proactive by working with individuals and families providing them effective programming
and resources to improve their lives and the lives of future generations.

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Who We Are
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Our Approach

Individuals and their families are provided
necessary tools and resources for enhancing areas of their lives that lack stability through a continuum of christian counseling sessions and intensified biblical based workshops which
include but is not limited to personal
evaluation, goal setting, accountability
application, life skill development, and task
mastering to aide in the redirection of Heads of Households and their families who lack the ability and confidence to identify areas of weakness by utilizing methods designed to empower and meet each person's individual unique need. We do this through confidential counseling, developmental workshops , social
events, partnerships with long standing
organizations and the contributions from our community supporters.

Our Certifications
  • Mental Health - First Aid Certification for

  • Adult & Youth

  • Domestic Violence Certification

  • Anger Management Certification Level 1 & 2

  • Bachelors in Christian Counseling

  • Christian Leadership Training